Sometimes the combination of two separate systems create a super entity, capable of producing far more results then the two separately. This is the case with a new opportunity for client investors to hyper-leverage profits using a top-level trade program

If you take a typical trade program designed for an Ultra High Net Worth Individual, Family or corporation, and attach it to a stepped up leveraging mechanism, an investor can see a dramatic increase above and beyond just entering a program directly.

Recently, I was invited to such an opportunity, and have been asked to discover principal investors in the UHNWI space to show how this program works. If they qualify (i.e. pass rigorous due-diligence on themselves and their money), this may be worth looking into.Now there are some who will claim there is no such thing: These “PPP” Trade Programs don’t exist. Blah blah blah. The fact is, when you find the relationship that can get you in the door at the top level, you will discover why and how this is done, and how their reality can be introduced.

Taking it one step further, when you couple the use of an investor’s cash with the ability to leverage fundable assets at 4 times the value, as an investor you will have strapped yourself to a trading rocket ship: Trading on Steroids.

This is information can be shared only with Principal client investors (i.e. the owner of the bank account or acceptable asset). If you are a principal investor with the minimum assets needed to play (100-Million Euro or greater), you owe it to yourself to see how super-charged a program can be when you are strapping on high-leverage assets to go into a program.

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