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About our Company

Corporate Profile

We operate with a network of thousands of individuals, corporations, bankers and others in the financial industry. In business since 2006, we have been building relationships directly with certain Tier 1 trading platforms.

PreConstruction Catalysts:  With a number of connections to providers of PPP Project Funding Programs, working with several as an introducing  intake officer, we inform, screen, and develop the relationship between Ultra-High Net-Worth individuals and corporate entities, as well as institutions and sovereigns. Programs are regulated and operated by licensed traders.

PCC Capital Investments LLC: A corporate holding company for asset investments. 

Ultimately, people do business with people they like. We like people who have the right heart, mind, spirit and assets, and we like being a pathway to bring things about. The secret behind our success is simply in the intentional creation of good working relationships with Principal clients and certain qualified intermediaries, and as such we work hard to ensure that we always have the best people and resources who are able to support these relationships and our clients throughout the financing process.

Our History

In 2006, after a 35-year career in an entirely different industry (broadcasting), I was asked to see if I could help find funding for a large-scale project development in New Jersey, a sports complex for youth teams to meet and play. At the time, I had some connections and was intrigued by the idea of this system of raising money to fund projects. That began my adventure into the world of private placement project funding. After many years, following the Great Recession in 2008, I was fortunate enough to develop relationships after extensive education in the world of Internet brokers vis-a-vis reality. It took several years to find and create good working relationships with genuine trade groups, and because of those relationships, was invited to act as an intake officer for some of them.

The biggest lesson I have learned is about relationship building and communication of the concept of these programs to qualified clients. I have found that the only way forward in this business is to have direct relationships with a group’s intake or compliance department as well as potential clients. It has taken years to cultivate those relationships, as Trust is a huge issue in this industry. Relationships do not come easily when the real players are masked by the noise from the Internet. This is a relationship business and I strive to help separate the false from reality.

Our Mission is to leave the world in a better place, by applying our unique talents and relationships 
to become a catalyst for opportunities, to fund projects through the tools we have been fortunate enough to have access to.

PCC Named Award Winner


Global Venture – Annual Awards

Best in Large Scale Project Funding – USA

Global Business Insight Award

Best Project Funding System

Lawyer International – Legal 100
Best in Large Scale Project Funding – USA
M&A Today – Global Awards –

Best in Large Scale Project Funding – USA

Lawyer International’s – Legal

Global Best in Large Scale Project Funding – USA

Worldwide Finance Awards hosted Acquisition International.

Best in Project Finance Systems

Wealth&Finance Elite

Best Project Funding Transaction Facilitator – USA