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About our Company

Corporate Profile

We operate with a network of thousands of individuals, corporations, bankers and others in the financial industry. In business since 2006, the company has added PCC FUNDING and PCC Capital Investments LLC to its activities to address specific asset classes and funding programs.

PreConstruction Catalysts: One of 3 authorized Intake Officers working under the authority of certain Private Placement Project Funding Trade Programs. We inform, screen, and develop the relationship between Ultra-High Net-Worth individuals and corporate entities, as well as institutions and sovereigns. Programs are regulated by international authority of IMF and World Bank. The authority to provide operations of these programs are held by this entity.

PCC Funding: A clearinghouse for multiple real estate funding resources for commercial lending and investing. (

PCC Capital Investments LLC: A corporate holding company for asset investments.

Ultimately, people do business with people they like. We like people who have the right heart, mind, spirit and assets, and we like being a pathway to bring things about. The secret behind our success is simply in the intentional creation of good working relationships with Principal clients and certain qualified intermediaries, and as such we work hard to ensure that we always have the best people and resources who are able to support these relationships and our clients throughout the financing process. A healthy sense of humor doesn’t hurt.

Our History

The company principal, Michael J. Weiner, came into the alternative financing space in 2006, after a lengthy career in the media broadcasting industry.  Circling in the networking opportunities, he was asked to assist finding funding for a $350-Million youth sports complex in the preconstruction phase. Intrigued by this new opportunity, he began the search for capital for this first project at the request of the project principal.

Then 2008 came.

Michael had already invested a fair amount of time and money developing relationships in his geographical area (Washington,DC) and continued his journey by learning firsthand about the funding possibilities, climbing through chains of internet brokers, and eventually was appointed an intake officer to a small group of bank debenture trading programs. His complete portfolio is at