Trying To Enter A “Bullet” PPP? Here’s Why You Can’t

There is a common fallacy among many that they can enter a Bullet trade as the first step in the world of Project Funding Trade Programs (PFTP).

Why? Because a “Bullet” only comes along when there is a temporary oversupply of paper in the pipeline. They come and go, unscheduled, when this occurs.

The reason no new client will be entertained who wants a Bullet is a practical one: A Bullet, by nature, is very short-term– usually days. Once the temporary oversupply is exhausted and equilibrium returns to the pipeline, the Bullet is over.

Since it takes roughly 2-3 weeks for a new client to start trading with a trade group, by the time the client’s info has been processed and cleared, a contract issued, and the lag time from the start of trading, the Bullet program is already gone.

If a client thinks they are going to really get into a Bullet trade first, without already being in a 40-week program, they are delusional– they do not understand what, why and how a Bullet trade comes about.

Instead of searching for the Bullet “unicorn”, plan on first getting into a regular old 40-week program. THEN, if a Bullet comes along, you are already on the trading train and can take advantage. This is the reason 99.999% fail to find one: They do not understand the nature of the beast.

There is only one “Yellow Brick Road to Oz”… you can try to wait for a Bullet (and, like a real bullet, good luck trying to catch it as it passes you by), or you can follow the road by getting into a standard program. THEN, since you are already on the trading train, you’ll be more likely to be invited onboard the Bullet..

Non-Recourse Project Funding

Setting aside the sewage of misinformation, misrepresentation and ignorance from the Internet broker world, at the purest and highest level this will explain what really is going on.