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Success in business comes from success in developing relationships with the right people,
in a good way.
With Respect. Trust. Honor. Integrity. Candor. Discretion
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Michael J. Weiner

Michael J. Weiner, CEO

Mr. Weiner is a long-time businessman in the Washington, DC area who began marketing limited real estate partnerships for pre-construction sales of high-end condos, to aid developers in reaching their construction lender’s requirements for 50% pre-sales.

PreConstruction Catalysts was founded in 2006 when he was asked to help find funding for a large multi-million-dollar project. When the economy crashed in 2009 and through 2011, all sources of project funding had dried up.

Since then, until today, having built relationships with people in the business, such as Tier 1 trade groups and other program providers, PCC found itself assisting qualified clients who needed funding and who met the financial criteria. If the client passed the tests, an introduction could be made.

He has several working relationships at the top of other specific markets relative to his interests. He holds an MBA, BA, BS.

A detailed profile can be found at http://linkedin.com/in/mikeweiner.

Our Services



Raising funds for a given project is usually at the top of the to-do list when a company, foundation, or nation has a need.

PPP programs generate funds through profits made in specialized trading.


As a result of the consultative relationships built with clients, we are often asked to serve as a Director on a Corporate Board.

Bringing a unique perspective adds value to the enterprise.


Our approach to consulting is simple. Tell the truth. Be fair and discrete, while being a sounding board and trusted adviser.

Speaking the truth in a good way leads to long-term relationships, which can lead to business.



People tend to do business with people they like and can trust.

Too often in business (and in life), there are hidden agendas and dishonorable intentions that are at play, which causes failures to accomplish common goals.

The first thing that must happen is the building of authentic relationships, which are a springboard to business success.


Following the idea that people like to do business with people they like, relationships that involve complex interactions must be formed first.

Only then can trust be built to affect a business transaction.


We come from an unusual, non-traditional background, with skill sets that are atypical of many in finance.

An extensive communications background lets us clearly articulate a complex system to finance and non-finance businesspeople.

What Our Clients Say

Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and is always available to assist when I have had questions concerning this industry. I will continue to work with him in any way I can as I am certain there will always be a positive outcome because of his professionalism
Gary Williams
Mike is a great professional, for about 2 years, I'm collaborating with him on various projects, whether it be financial instruments or trade, is well connected and can always find a solution.He always have time to answer my questions. Mike is always the first person in I think when I need a serious professional. If you are working with him, you are in the better hands
Francisco M. Garcia Cardenas
Honest, straight-forward, seasoned, tough. These are just a few words to describe Mr. Weiner. I've known Mike since my inception into this business. He has definitely been instrumental in the process whether he knows it or not. To recommend him is easy
Copelin J. Kirklin
In the deceptive world of private banking, it is paramount to have an honest advisor to assist you. Mike is that man, tells it like it is and makes no fantasies. Plane speaking on intensely multifarious and strategic financial subjects will see you in the know
Steve Foster
Mike is the true professional. He knows his business inside and out; he knows the right people; he knows when to speak and ask the right questions. A true professional in business and when you truly need advice, seek the advice of Mike Weiner. I recommended him bar none!
Greg Fowler